Uses — The complete list of everything I use

I get asked almost every day which setup I'm using at home. The page will be used as a list of products I use every day.

If you already follow me, you know I've written a post about it already, but I don't feel like a post is the best way to show my setup. The post grows old and gets lost in the blog's archives.

This list will be updated regularly, some references might get deleted or added, depending on what I use. If you like something, note that somewhere.

Moreover, I tried to make thing easy for you. When possible, I put the link to the article in the Amazon United States website and the Amazon France website.

If you're missing an info, please send me a DM on Instagram! I'll add it here.

Desk Setup


I have two 27" 4K monitors. They are Dell U2720Q. [Amazon US | Amazon FR]

The two monitors are on the dual monitor arm by BONTEC (Mount-it!), it can take up to 10kgs of weight. [Amazon US | Amazon FR]


Right behind my monitors is my M1 Max MacBook Pro 16". [Amazon US | Amazon FR]

The computer is put vertically thanks to the Ascrono Docking Station for the MacBook. [Ascrono website | Amazon US | Amazon FR]

Everything is plugged on a Thunderbolt 3 Pro Dock by Elgato, and it allows me to plug all of this on my computer using only one USB-C port. [Amazon FR]

To connect my monitors to the dock, I bought USB-C to DisplayPort cables. [Amazon US | Amazon FR]

Keyboards & mouses

The mouse I use is an MX Master 3 by Logitech. [Amazon US | Amazon FR]

My keyboard is an RGB version Keychron K3. [Amazon US]

The keyboard and mouse are on top of a reversible desk mat (gray and black) from Peggybuy. [Amazon US | Amazon FR]

For more productivity during streams and other tasks, I bought a Stream Deck XL from Elgato. [Amazon US | Amazon FR]


On top of my right screen is my 4K Brio Logitech webcam that I use for work and Twitch livestreams (link in the footer). [Amazon US | Amazon FR]


For my music, I have a pair of Bose Companion 2 série III on each side of my monitors. [Amazon US | Amazon FR]

When I need to be quieter, I use the Beats Studio 3 from Apple. [Amazon US | Amazon FR]

The microphone I use is a Røde NT-USB. [Amazon US | Amazon FR]

The mic is on a boom arm, it's Blue Compass by Blue Microphones. [Amazon US | Amazon FR]


My printer is an EPSON EcoTank ET-2721. [Amazon US | Amazon FR]

This printer is a bit higher in price than usual printers, but the ink refill for the ET-2721 is way cheaper. So, that's economy eventually! [Amazon US | Amazon FR]


My desk is an electric standing desk from Flexispot, I bought it with no top and laid a simple BRICORAMA plank on top of it. [Amazon FR]

My cable management solution is two simple baskets screwed under the desk where I put a large multi-sockets. There's only one cable going from the desk to the outlet. [Amazon US | Amazon FR]

To avoid leg fatigue when I work on my feet, I use an anti-fatigue mat by Flexispot. [Amazon FR]


On top of my left screen, I have a monitor light, the ScreenBar Halo by BenQ: a comfort/productivity tool that illuminates the desk without reflecting on my monitors. [Amazon US | Amazon FR]

Same goes for my right screen, I have the ScreenBar by BenQ on top of it. This version doesn't have the remote control and has to be controlled using the buttons on top of it. [Amazon US | Amazon FR]

As main light for the room, I use a Phillips Hue White and Color Ambiance bulb that I can control using Apple HomeKit and Siri. [Amazon US | Amazon FR]

In my small reading corner, I use a beautiful floor lamp which is connected to an Ikea TRADFRI smart plug to make it controllable via Apple HomeKit and Siri. [Amazon US | Amazon FR]


My main editor is currently VSCode when it comes to web development, with the GitHub Dark color theme (or GitHub Light color theme when working outside) and the Fira Code font (with ligatures).

As a terminal, I use iTerm 2. My command interpreter is the astonishing Zsh with the OhMyZsh framework. [OhMyZsh website]

To handle my accounting work, I used to use the Freebe SaaS application. This app is specific for French “microentrepreneurs” selling services. Use MINDSERS code to have 2 months free of charge. [Freebe website]

For the accounting work of my merch business, I use Abby SaaS application. I'm slowly moving all my data into it for simplicity’s sake. [Abby website]

To help me measure and analyze my complete heritage including stocks, cryptos, real estates, and so much more I use the Finary SaaS application. [Finary website]

To manage my ecommerce activity and make everything easier for me on all the facets of it (marketing, payments, etc.) I use the excellent Shopify SaaS application. [Shopify website]

To run this blog and its newsletter, I use what I think is the best option on the market currently: the Ghost CMS. [Ghost website]

Coffee & Tea

To weight the coffee beans, I use a Hario VST-2000 scale, which has also a chronometer feature for precise pouring experience. [Amazon US | Amazon FR]

To grind the beans, I use a manual grinder. [Amazon US | Amazon FR]

I also like to make myself a nice matcha tea using the Kusmitea matcha kit. [Amazon FR]

Milk foam is tasty with coffee. I prepare milk foam and hot chocolate using the Severin Spuma 700. [Amazon FR]

As coffee machine I have:

I like exceptional and tasteful coffee, but for my day-to-day needs I like to alternate between:

Other products

I always have a large bottle of water on my desk, it's a transparent glass bottle with a black gradient. [Amazon FR]

This desk is maintained clean thanks to the efforts of Wall-E, our Neato Robotics D750 vacuum cleaner. [Amazon FR]

To relax a little bit, I always have my Fender Newporter Player Series on hands, so I can play whenever I feel like it. [Amazon US | Amazon FR]

I store my crypto using a Ledger Nano X hardware wallet. [Ledger website | Amazon US | Amazon FR]

I also have a backup hardware wallet: the Ledger Nano S. [Ledger website | Amazon US | Amazon FR]

To keep my workspace clean, I use the WHOOSH! cleaning kit and also their travel kit. [Amazon US | Amazon FR]